Project development

Project development

Driven by its Brussels-based project management and client interface, Array51 offers full-cycle application development, from initial requirements to product design and development, quality assurance testing, deployment and ongoing maintenance.

Our team of software developers uses Symfony, the leading PHP framework and components for creating websites and applications. PHP is an open-source programming language that is one of the most popular in the world for web development, used by major references such as Facebook, Zynga, Wikipedia etc.

Symfony is highly flexible, which is ideal for implementing functionality changes during a project's lifetime without spending extra time or money. And best of all, Symfony has a wide, innovation-driven community, offering a knowledge resource pool that makes it it a highly cost-effective tool for next-generation custom applications.



In general, application development is market driven, not tech driven. So when our customers have a new business requirement, they tend not to have the tech capability to deliver the solution in-house, and hiring that capability is an expensive use of resources. This is where outsourcing makes sense.

At Array51 we’re not just a provider, we’re a partner, offering dedicated software outsourcing for a diverse range of IT requirements.

Our Romanian developers offer world-class technical skills, and our Brussels-based project management and proven expertise in software development methodologies give our clients both the technical capacity and the reassurance they need at a fraction of the price of bringing that capacity in-house.

Our guarantee is to deliver outstanding results for clients - on time and within budget.


PHP offers fast implementation, meaning you can get your new application into the market quickly.


Symfony is highly flexible, which is ideal for implementing functionality changes during a project's lifetime.


Elasticsearch is a flexible and powerful open source, distributed, real-time search and analytics engine.


JIRA is the tracker for team planning and building great products, allowing us to capture and organise project sprints