Blog - the Real Estate Project

June 20, 2016 Array 51 Symfony 2

After 9 months, 8.476 arrays, 3.379 Git commits, 325 pull requests, 121 documentation pages in Confluence and more than 180 pages wireframed, we proudly announce the launch of the newest real estate platform in Romania -

The platform aims to become the go-to source for all those involved in the real estate market and we’re happy that our efforts will produce such an impact in the market.

We wrote this article to show you the processes we went through, along side the customer, to get this project to its current state. We hope this article will demonstrate you how we do things here at Array51 and we encourage you to give us a call to discuss your projects too. :)

Click on the link below to find out how we this exciting project came to life.


Nginx path configuration for multiple Symfony 2 kernels

April 30, 2015 Development Symfony 2

A typical setup for our Symfony 2 projects lately has been to split up the application Kernel into separate parts.

In practice usually it boils down to this:

  • AdminKernel.php : Integrates and uses a large part of Sonata Admin and the entire Doctrine stack
  • ApiKernel.php : Only bootstraps the bare minimum to serve API requests, so no Twig, Sonata is loaded here
  • MediaKernel.php : Takes care of scaling and serving resized images. Internally Glide is used for this

On a pretty blog post was published about how you could organize this yourself in your own project:

But setting up a path-based configuration with Nginx can be a bit tricky sometimes. Here's a very basic example of an Nginx configuration that is working for us.


Why we’re choosing Symfony 2 as our framework of choice

March 23, 2015 Technology Symfony 2

At Array 51 we have made a strategic decision to use Symfony 2 as our framework of choice to build custom applications for the projects of our customers and our own products. Honestly, making this choice was not hard. In this blog post we will highlight some of the more important reasons why we currently prefer Symfony 2 over other frameworks such as Zend Framework 2, Laravel, Typo 3 Flow, Aura, …

Just to be clear, we are not trying to start a yes-no-yes-no-… war here, we would just like to clarify the choices we have made until now for anyone who is interested in Array 51 or Symfony 2. :-)